Missions Volume 3

The third and final book in the Missions series, this book aims to take you even further into the front lines of being a Soldier for Christ.


Missions Volume 1

Welcome to the Mission!

This is sure to be a journey sure to change not only your life but those you interact with...



Boot Camp Workbook

Welcome to Boot Camp!


This companion workbook is designed to help you get the most from the BOot Camp DVD study series...


Mission 52

Welcome to the mission!

Soldier For Christ: Mission 52 is the first book by Scott Cannon as part of the Soldier for Christ mission...


Missions Volume 2

The latest in the Missions series from Soldier for Christ. Volume 2 continues the mission of spreading the good news of Jesus. Get your copy today!


Boot Camp DVD

Welcome to Boot Camp!


This five-part video series will show you the gifts that God has given you to help you...


Grace Log

Grace Log: A Journal of Gratitude is a simple exercise to help you see just how blessed you truly are.