What if...?

I am scheduling this to be posted on Christmas morning 2020. Yes, I am scheduling it. I have two boys, both of which for the most part are grown. They don’t get up early on Christmas like they use to. So I plan to sleep in. As much as I can anyway.

You? You may still have little ones that get up at 4:45. They tiptoe to the living room and peek under the tree to get a glimpse of what Santa may have brought. Next, they run yelling and screaming as they jump on your bed to get you up. They have waited as long as they will.

You make your way to the living room, make a cup of coffee and settle into the chaos of wrapping paper and boxes as the kids tear into it with rigor.

I am still asleep. LOL

I will not lie though, I kind of miss those days. When the magic was still there. The mystery. Watching their eyes light up brighter than the lights on the tree when they finally get into the colorful packages.

I want to share with you today the video that I posted on December 23rd of 2019. It is called “The Alpha” which means beginnings. I think we are all ready for a new beginning about now. 2020 has been a tough one in a number of ways. In this video, we take a look at the story of the birth of Jesus and ask, “What if...?”

What if Mary had said “No.” when called to be the mother of Christ.

What if Joseph had said “No.” when told to take her as his bride. Don’t forget, laws of the time would have allowed him to divorce her or even worse, have her stoned to death for being with the child before they were officially wed.

I encourage you to take a moment on Christmas day and remember why we celebrate. Take a moment and look to new beginnings. Take a moment and then press on and fight the good fight as a Soldier For Christ!

Merry Christmas!

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